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Menorca Tourist Activities

Menorca Airport handles over two million passengers per year, and is considered to be a tourist airport, as it serves the island resort of Menorca, just east of mainland Spain. The airport is located approximately 4.5 km from Mahón, Menorca’s capital city, and nearby many of the popular tourist areas of the island, which hold many attractions for its visitors. However, while Ibiza and Palma de Mallorca, the other Balearic Islands of Spain, are famous for their entertaining nightlife and party atmospheres, Menorca is referred to as a quieter holiday destination, with more natural and historical attractions. The island is also famous for water-related and on-land sporting activities. Tourists arriving at Menorca Airport will find all of Menorca’s attractions within easy driving distance.

Menorca Island is situated approximately 34 km, or 21 miles from Palma de Mallorca, and is the second largest of the Balearic Islands. Many smaller towns and villages are found on the island, which offer quiet and peaceful surroundings for a relaxing holiday, and similar to the other Balearics, Menorca has a number of lovely golden beaches. The capital city of Mahón has one of the largest natural harbours in the world, and the waterfront attractions and sandy beaches nearby provide an ideal holiday setting. Mahón is also known as Maó, and much of the most popular tourist areas are centred around the Placa de s’Esplanada, with many narrow and winding streets in the area. The main tourist information centre is found on the Carrer de sa Rovellada de Dalt, and there is also another branch on the Moll de Llevant. Tourist information services are provided at Menorca Airport as well.

Areas nearby the airport and capital city which receive thousands of tourists every year, especially in summer, include Es Castell, S’Algar, Punta Prima, Las Lomas and Binibèquer to the south of the island, Fornells, Son Parc and Punta Grossa to the north of Menorca, and Ciutadella, on the western coast. The southern areas of Menorca feature sandier beaches, while areas to the north are often rockier. Ciutadella is the second largest city on the island, and has a large port area as well. The city is connected to Maó by the ME-1, the main motorway of the island. Menorca Island has a population of approximately 68,000, and covers an area of 700 square kilometres, or 270 square miles. The language spoken on the island is Castilian Spanish, and the main religion practiced is Roman Catholic.

The most popular water sports in Menorca include sailing, windsurfing, fishing, diving and snorkelling, as well as water-skiing, rubber rafting behind speedboats, high-speed water bikes and sea-kayaking. The beautiful blue waters surrounding the island provide the ideal location for all these activities and more. The clear waters offer a wonderful opportunity for divers and snorkelers to get closer to the abundant marine life in the area, which can be found just below the surface. There are various dive centres in the towns of Menorca, which offer scuba diving courses for beginners, as well as equipment for hire. Activities on the beaches are popular as well, and many areas have excellent facilities, such as volleyball courts.  In the summer, the main beaches have lifeguards, and are ideal for swimming and sunbathing. Although smaller beaches may not have lifeguards on duty, they are still considered as safe for swimming. The longest beach in Menorca is the Son Bou, of about 2 miles in length, and the Cala Binisafuller is found between Punto Prima and Cap d’en Font. The beach at Punta Prima is also one of the more popular beaches of Menorca.

Many sporting activities are also enjoyed inland of the sea, and include hiking, horse riding and cycling. There are some lovely mountainous areas to be explored by those who enjoy hiking, and many trails lead to the island’s famous nature reserves. Some good areas include the Cap de Favaritx, Cap de Cavalleria and S’Albufera. Several riding schools on the island cater for beginners and more experienced equestrian fans, and interesting trails can be found for mountain bike riders. Golf is another very popular pastime in Menorca, and there are numerous beautiful golf courses to be played.

Some of the main tourist attractions in Maó include the regular harbour tours which last for about an hour each, and give their passengers a closer look at the several British-built buildings which overlook the harbour. These include the old customs house and Golden Farm, which was once the home of Admiral Nelson. Tickets for a harbour tour can be purchased from the Xoriguer Gin Distillery. The distillery is an attraction on its own in Maó, and is found on the Moll de Ponent area of the harbour. It features enormous copper stills which can be admired by its visitors, and which are used to make the unique Balearic gin. Many other drinks are also produced here, and can be purchased from the distillery’s shop. The Placa Esplanada is the largest square in Maó, and is a favourite meeting place for locals and tourists. Attractions found here include lovely bars and restaurants, swings for the children, and buildings with some fascinating architecture. A market is also held here on Tuesday and Saturday mornings.

Just west of Maó is Cales Cove, a set of prehistoric caves that have proved to be a popular tourist attraction of the island, and is now a landmark of the area. Menorca is also home to first opera house ever constructed in Spain, known as the Teatre Principal, or the Principal Theatre. The building was opened almost 200 years ago. Another grand building in Maó is the Gobierno Militar, or the Military Governor’s House, located in Carrer Isabel II. The building dates back to the mid 18th century, and is still used today by the army. Many museums and art galleries can be found in the city as well, and several wonderful attractions await in Ciutadella, including the Castell de Sant Nicolau.

Menorca Airport is a good place to begin a wonderful holiday in Menorca, and its airline companies also provide flights to nearby Mallorca, filled with many interesting attractions as well.