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Low Cost Menorca Airport Parking

Menorca Airport is located just 4.5 km, or 2.8 miles to the southwest of Menorca Island’s capital city, known as Mahón, or Maó. It is an airport that plays a very important role in tourism of the island, providing a valuable gateway for over two million passengers per year. Menorca, or Minorca Island, is one of Spain’s Balearic Islands, which are popular for their lovely beaches and nightlife entertainment. However, Menorca is better known for its quieter atmosphere and natural attractions. The airport of the island is well equipped with all the essential facilities required by its passengers, and motorists will find the Menorca Airport parking to be adequate, and reasonably priced. Parking is also within walking distance of the airport’s terminal building.

Passengers or visitors driving and parking their own vehicles at Menorca Airport will be able to easily access the terminal from a number of main roads on the island. Menorca Airport is found towards the south of the island, in the municipality of Sant Lluis, and is also very nearby areas such as Llucmassanes, Sant Climent and Cap d’en Font, a coastal village. To the west of the airport is Es Castell and Mahón, while north a number of small hamlets are found. From the capital city, the road leading to the airport is the ME-12, which connects to the ME-14, the main access road of Menorca Airport. The ME-1 is Menorca’s main highway that leads from Ciutadella in the west to the ME-14 just north of the airport. Other areas along this route include Ferreries, Es Mercadal and Alaior. The ME-7 runs south nearer the eastern coast of the island from Fornells, and ends in Mahón.

Passengers parking at Menorca Airport have a choice of two parking areas. One is priced for short-term parking, while the other is more suitable for longer stays. The parking areas are known as P1 and P2, with P1 as the short-term parking area. The Menorca Airport parking lots are conveniently located directly outside the single terminal building, and are within easy walking distance of all airport facilities. Since that the airport is not very large in terms of passenger traffic, when compared to some other airports in Spain, there are only a few hundred parking spaces available. However, these spaces are currently adequate for the airport’s passengers. In later years, when traffic is most likely to increase, the airport authorities will no doubt increase the capacity of the parking areas, as they have done with the terminal building in the past.

The short-stay car park has 682 spaces for private vehicles available, while the long-stay car park has 464 spaces available. Within the two parking areas, there are also specially dedicated spaces for disabled drivers, or for anyone transporting a disabled person who can display a disability parking badge in their vehicle. There are four spaces in P1, and a further two spaces in P2. These parking areas are located with the easiest possible access to the terminal building in mind. The terminal building of Menorca Airport is also fully accessible for disabled passengers, with pavement ramps, adapted toilets and telephone booths and lifts for access to the upper floors. Special vehicles are also provided for boarding and disembarking from the aircraft.

The parking rates applicable for the Menorca Airport parking grounds are considered to be very inexpensive, and the first half an hour of parking in the short-stay car park is for free. This provides an excellent amount of time for motorists who are saying farewell to departing passengers, or for those who are waiting for arriving friends or family members. The free half an hour of parking is allowed in order to decrease the flow of traffic directly past the terminal building entrances. The maximum daily rate applicable up to and including four days of parking is €8.50, while the maximum daily rate from the fifth day onwards is €6.80.

For the long-stay car park, parking rates are even more reasonable, and affordable for most travellers driving their own vehicles to the airport. The first four days of parking are charged at the same rate as the short-term parking area, while from the fifth day of parking, the rate is only €3.40 per day. Motorists will collect a ticket upon entering the car parks, and this will be used to pay for the period of parking once ready to leave the airport. Automatic machines accept Euro notes and coins, and there is also usually a manned station available for manual payments by cash or credit cards. Passengers will have approximately twenty minutes to leave the car park once their payments have been made.

At most airports of the Balearic and Canary Islands, motorists are permitted to stop quickly outside the terminal building in order to drop off departing passengers and their luggage. This area should only be used for a maximum time of a minute or two, and vehicles may not be left unattended for any reason. It is recommended for the driver to stay in the vehicle, and a third person to accompany the passenger should assistance be required. Vehicles may also not park and wait for arriving passengers in the ‘drop-off’ zone. Any vehicle found unattended will immediately be towed for security reasons. All motorists should obey the parking rules of the airport for the safety of all concerned, and should only park in the dedicated parking areas and not on any of the access roads.

Further Menorca Airport parking is provided for buses, as well as for the cars owned by the car hire companies with rental offices at the airport.