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Menorca Airport Taxis (MAH)

Menorca Airport is a tourist airport serving the island of Menorca, or Minorca, which is one of Spain’s famous Balearic Islands. There are four islands in the region, namely, Ibiza, Formentera, Palma de Mallorca and Menorca. Menorca is the second largest of the islands, and is a popular retreat for local and international tourists in seek of a peaceful holiday by the sea. There are many beaches on the island, and a range of other wonderful attractions to enjoy. Menorca Airport therefore provides a very important gateway for its visitors. Arriving passengers can take a Menorca Airport taxi to all regions of the island, and although taxis are more expensive than the bus services, they are still a very popular means of transport.

The taxis of Menorca Airport are found at the taxi rank in front of the passenger terminal. Passengers will arrive on the ground floor of the terminal, and once their luggage has been collected, can proceed to the main arrivals lobby and outside to the taxi ranks. It is not needed to pre-book a taxi at Menorca Airport, as there are always drivers available, however, taxis can be reserved by calling 971 357 700, or 971 367 111. Passengers are advised to use only the official Menorca Airport taxis, as anyone offering their services from inside the arrivals hall may be operating illegally from the airport, and their means of transport may not be reliable. Official taxi drivers will always be waiting at the airport taxi rank, by their vehicles.

Menorca Airport is located just 4.5 km, or 2.8 miles from the capital city of the island, known as Mahón, or Maó, and therefore this is a very popular journey by taxi for many passengers. The city has a huge harbour from where many boat cruises are available, as well as a number of historical attractions. The average taxi fare to Mahón is between €8.00 and €10.00. Other nearby areas and their taxi fares are Es Castell - €12.00, Es Grau - €15.00, Cala’n Porter - €14.00 and the areas of Biniancolla, Binisafua, S’Algar, Punta Prima and Binibequer will cost in the region of €17.00. Further destinations from Menorca Airport include Fornells, Santo Thomas, Son Parc, Puerto Addaya, Es Mercadal and Ferreries, and a journey by taxi to these areas will cost between  €20.00 and €30.00. Over €40.00 will be needed in order to travel to Cala Forcat, Santandria, Cala Blanca, Ciutadella and Cala Morell.  

The airport of Menorca Island is located in the municipality of Sant Luis, and by taxi this area is approximately €12.00. Sant Climent is also particularly nearby, and will cost just €8.00 by taxi. The length of the journey determines the taxi rates in Menorca, as all taxis operate on a metered system. This device in the taxi records the length of the trip, and calculates the taxi fare accordingly. The taxis operate according to two rates. The first is for travelling during weekday hours, between 06:00 and 21:00, while the second rate is applicable for journeys on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, as well as between the later night hours, of 21:00 and 06:00. Passengers are entitled to ensure that their taxi’s meter is turned on and in working condition.

It is also advisable to find out the approximate fare applicable to your journey before approaching the taxi driver. While most taxi operators are honest and friendly, there have been incidences of overcharging. Tourists who speak no Spanish are particularly vulnerable; therefore it is useful to learn a few words in the native language as well. Most airports have boards that display the average taxi fares, or passengers can make enquiries at the information desks found in the arrivals area.

Although Menorca Airport taxis are more expensive than the buses available from the airport, many passengers for a number of reasons prefer them. Taxis usually provide a much quicker form of transport when compared to buses, as their routes are direct, with no additional stops along the way. A taxi will also take its passengers to the doorstop (curb side!) of your residence, hotel or business premises, and there will be no need for any further form of transportation. A bus may not stop very nearby to your final destination. Taxis offer a more private journey, and this is often preferred by business travellers or by parents who have young children to handle. It can be difficult to manage luggage and kids on and off buses after a long flight to Menorca Airport!

An alternative to taxi services is a Menorca Airport private transfer, which is a service offered by several privately owned companies at the airport. A private transfer must be pre-booked, and a representative of the company chosen will greet the passengers in the arrival area. Private transfers can be arranged for single individuals, couples or families, and even for larger groups of travellers, as the vehicles come in all sizes. This type of transport may also be more comfortable for disabled travellers, although many taxi companies provide specially adapted vehicles for their needs as well.   

In despite of a few problems experienced here and there, Menorca Airport taxis can be considered as a reliable and reasonably priced form of transport from the airport, and the taxi drivers are most often more than willing to provide their assistance with baggage or further information required.