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Getting to Menorca Airport

Menorca Airport is one of the airports serving the Balearic Islands of Spain, and may also be referred to as the Mahón Airport, due to its location within a few kilometres of this city on the island. The airport is also recognised by its official airport code, of MAH. Menorca Airport is primarily a tourist airport, as the island of Menorca is a popular destination for tourists. The airport has dramatically increased tourism for the island since its establishment in the later 1960’s. Menorca Airport directions are easy to follow, as there are number of main highways on the island, of which some lead directly to the airport. The airport is also accessible by bus and taxi.

Menorca Airport is found just 4.5 km, or 2.8 miles from Mahón, which is the capital city of Menorca Island, and home to a large natural port from where many ferry connections are available. Mahón is also known as Maó. The airport is located towards the south of the island, where many popular areas for tourists are found, with the lovely golden beaches for which the island is known. Areas along the southern coast include Punta Prima, Las Lomas, S’Algar, Binibêquer and Cap d’en Font. Just west of the airport is Es Castell, and to the north, are many small hamlets. Areas just next to Menorca Airport also include Llucmassanes and Sant Climent. The northern coastline of Menorca is rockier than the southern areas, but on the northwest coast is Ciutadella, another popular port city of the island. Other important northern areas of Menorca include Fornells, Son Parc and Ferreries.

Passengers and visitors driving to Menorca Airport will find a number of prominent roads on the island, and that the main access road of the airport is the ME-14, or otherwise known as the Carretera de San Climent. This road runs directly past the terminal building of the airport. Directions on a satellite navigation system are also available from the following coordinates:  39°51′45″N 004°13′07″E.

Directions to Menorca Airport from the north of the island

From Fornells, located to the north, there are two possible routes to follow to Menorca Airport. The first route will lead closer to Mahón, and uses the ME-7 motorway, or the Carretera de Maó a Fornells. Along the way, the road passes ses Salinas, Son Ladico, Santa Caterina de Dalt, Sant Miquel and Biniaixa des Fasser. When nearer to Mahón, motorists will take the Carretera de Ciutadella - Mahón road to the right, and follow directions towards the ME-12. Once on the ME-12, and heading in a south-westerly direction, motorists will turn off onto the ME-14, and head for the airport. Menorca Airport is signposted on all major routes nearby as the ‘Aeropuerto de Menorca’.

The second route that can be followed from Fornells is a more direct route to Menorca Airport. Motorists will continue straight without turning onto the ME-7, and follow the ME-15 to Es Mercadal. The ME-15 leads around this town on its eastern side, and joins the ME-1, which leads directly to the airport’s main access road of the ME-14.

Directions to Menorca Airport from the west of the island

Ciutadella can be referred to as an area in the west of Menorca, and the main road from this city to the airport is the ME-1, or the Carretera de Ciutadella a Maó. This road runs east and south, virtually through the centre of the island, and is Menorca’s main motorway. From Ciutadella, the areas of Ferreries, Es Mercadal and Alaior will be passed. From the ME-1, take the ME-14 turn-off to the airport.

From Mahón, directions to Menorca Airport are very easy, as the city is connected to the airport’s main access road by the ME-12 motorway, or the Carretera de Sant Climent. Although Menorca Island does not have very busy highways, motorists should always leave sufficient time for travelling to the airport, and for finding a suitable parking space.

Menorca Airport consists of a single terminal building, which spans over a few levels. Passengers from domestic and international flights will arrive on the ground floor, and proceed to the baggage reclaim area and the main arrivals lobby, where there are car hire companies, tourist information offices and various travel agencies. Passengers on departure flights will check-in on the first floor of the airport, from one of 42 check-in desks. One of the desks handles special luggage. Other departure procedures are also handled on the first floor, and from the ground floor as well. Both sections of the airport have separate access points from the outside, as a 277 metre long bridge passes over the top floor level of the building. Facilities at Menorca Airport include cash machines from various banks, a lost property service, a pharmacy and internet access points. There is however, no VIP lounge at the airport, or conferencing facilities. Several shops and restaurants serve the airport, and are mainly found in the departure areas.

Aena operates Menorca Airport, and this airport management company has ensured that the airport is fully accessible for disabled passengers, and passengers with reduced mobility. The terminal also offers facilities for parents travelling with young children, or babies. Departing passengers or visitors can get to Menorca Airport by bus or taxi, but no train services are available on the island of Menorca.

Menorca Airport directions can be found in more detail online, from, or passengers are welcome to contact the airport, at (+34) 91 321 10 00, or 902 404 704.